Sunday, July 20, 2014


These pictures are from our trip to the Muir Woods. So beautiful.

This week we will be taking a vacation from our vacation (my vacation) and staying in a hotel while Station does some other work-y things. Same place, different location.

I have begun doing yoga at a studio. I really had to pump myself up to go in there. Once I was in there, the bright walls and smiley faces made me feel better. I looked around and noticed a shrine for Amma (there was a sign with her name) with fake flowers and vines around it with candles at the bottom. As well as a sticker of Obama's head. I grabbed all the stunt pieces in case I needed them and found a spot. And then remembered that the particular leggings I was wearing have a sort of see through affect when bending over. Let us all hope that everyone was following the yoga spirit and minding their own business.

Once class started we got a sort of hindu sermon, which was fine, nothing I didn't agree with. She had us go into child's pose and then sit crossed legged as we began our chanting. I have never chanted, nor did I ever feel the need to. She played her mini accordion piano as we om-ed with her.  I have only recently felt totally comfortable singing at human recognition level for Mormon hymns. I will continue to mouth and or whisper the chants until I completely understand what it is I am saying.

Here's to a New Week!!